Issues Related to the U.S. and China
- An Interview with Professor Ezra Vogel

Feng Yu
East Asian Department, Harvard University

Mr. Feng Yu, a member of the editorial board, at the request of this publication conducted an interview with Prof. Vogel, Director of Harvard University's Fairbank Center. Prof. Vogel answered thoughtfully several questions concerning relations between America and China, such as: Why is it that America seems to lack an understanding of China? Why is it that American media tend to report only the dark side of China? What would be the proper assessment of China's economic progress, and also in political reform, democratic election process, multi-party system, Taiwan issues, and if war between the U.S. and China would result from the Taiwan conflict, etc? Prof. Vogel with a long background in research and study presented his unique insights to these issues, which can be of great value to politicians and scholars of both countries.